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As both a collector and a researcher, I have often wished there was one site where every book ever written on the Arts & Crafts movement was listed. Now that place exists. Together we can compile on this website a list of every book of interest to Arts & Crafts collectors. All you have to do is pull some of the books off your bookshelf (go for the less obvious ones - and check below for duplicate entries) and email me the title, author, publisher and most recent copyright date. I will sort them by category and list them here so that anytime you or anyone else wants to research anything relating to the Arts & Crafts movement, you will start your search here.

For the time being, we will omit those books written during the original Arts & Crafts movement, as well as articles which have appeared in our present-day Arts & Crafts magazines. Hopefully, those have already been catalogued. I'm sure their staffs will help us out with a direct link to those lists.

So, grab a book and send me an email at

- bj


American Arts & Crafts: Virtue in Design, Leslie Greene Bowman

American Bungalow, 1880-1930, Clay Lancaster

American Bungalow Classics, John Brinkmann

American Bungalow Style, Robert Winter & Alexander Vertikoff

American Victorian Cottage Home, Palliser & Co.

Apostles of Beauty: Arts & Crafts from Britain to Chicago, Judith A. Barter

Architecture and the Arts & Crafts Movement in Boston: Harvard's H. Langford Warren, Maureen Meister

, Mark Taylor

Arts & Crafts, James Massey

Arts & Crafts, Kitty Turgeon & Robert Rust

Arts & Crafts Architecture: History & Heritage in New England, Maureen Meister

The Arts & Crafts Cabin
, Robbin Obomsawin

The Arts & Crafts Collector's Guide
, David Rago et. al.

The Arts & Crafts Home, Kitty Turgeon & Robert Rust

The Arts & Crafts House, Adrian Tinniswood

Arts & Crafts Houses,
Tina Skinner & Steven Paul Whitsett

Arts & Crafts Ideals: Wisdom from the Arts & Crafts Movement in America
, Compiled by Bruce Smith, Yoshiko Yamamoto & Gail Yngve

The Arts & Crafts Movement, Elizabeth Cumming & Wendy Kaplan

The Arts & Crafts Movement in America, 1876-1916, Edited by Robert Judson Clark

The Arts & Crafts Movement in the Pacific Northwest, Lawrence Kreisman & Glenn Mason

Arts & Crafts Objects, Imogen Hart

Arts & Crafts Style and Spirit: Craftspeople of the Revival
, Chase Reynolds Ewald

Arts & Crafts Walks in Broadway and Chipping Campden, Alan Crawford

'The Art That is Life': The Arts & Crafts Movement in America, 1875-1920, Wendy Kaplan

Arroyo Craftsman, The Arroyo Guild of Fellow Craftsmen

The Atlas of American Architecture, Tom Martinson

Bauhaus, Dessau: Walter Gropius, Dennis Sharp

The Best of British Arts & Crafts, Brian Coleman

Beyond the Bungalow: Grand Homes in the Arts & Crafts Tradition, Paul Duchscherer & Linda Svendsen

Building with Nature: Inspiration for the California Arts & Crafts Home, Leslie M. Freudenheim & Elisabeth Sussman

The Bungalow: America's Arts & Crafts Home
, Paul Duchscherer & Douglas Keister

Bungalow: American Restoration Style, Jan Cigliano

Bungalow Bathrooms, Jane Powell & Linda Svendsen

Bungalow Colors: Exteriors, Robert Schweitzer

Bungalow Details: Exterior, Jane Powell & Linda Svendsen

Bungalow Kitchens,
Jane Powell & Linda Svendsen

Bungalow Nation
, Diane Maddex & Alexander Vertikoff

Bungalow Plans
, Christian & Christen Gladu

Bungalow Style, April Halberstadt

Bungalow: The Ultimate Arts & Crafts Home, Jane Powell & Linda Svendsen

Cabin in the Woods
, Ralph Kylloe

California Bungalow,
Robert Winter

Carl & Karin Larsson: Creators of the Swedish Style, Michael Snodin & Elisabet Stavenow-Hidemark

C.F.A. Voysey: Architect, Designer, Individualist
, Anne Stewart O'Donnell

Charles Rennie Mackintosh
, Alan Crawford

Charles Rennie Mackintosh, James Mccaulay

Classic Cottages: Simple, Romantic Homes,
Brian Coleman & Douglas Keister

The Complete Illustrated 1910 Edition of the Sears & Roebuck Builder's Catalog
, Dover Press

Country and Suburban Homes of the Prairie School Period, Hermann Valentin Von Holst

The Craftsman & The Critic: Defining Usefulness and Beauty in Arts & Crafts-Era Boston, Beverly K. Brandt

Details: The Architect's Art, Sally Byrne Woodbridge

Edgar Miller and the Handmade Home: Chicago's Forgotten Renaissance Man, Richard Cahan & Michael Williams

The Encyclopedia of Arts & Crafts: The International Arts Movement, 1850-1920, Gillian Naylor, Patricia Bayer, et al

From Architecture to Object: Masterworks of the American Arts & Crafts Movement, Hirschl & Adler Galleries

Greene & Greene, Marvin Rand

Greene & Greene: Architecture as a Fine Art, Furniture and Related Designs
, Randell L. Makinson

Greene & Greene: Creating a Style, Randell L. Makinson & Thomas A. Heinz

Greene & Greene Masterworks
, Bruce Smith & Alexander Vertikoff

Greene & Greene: The Passion and the Legacy, Randell L. Makinson

Greene & Greene: The Blacker House, Randell L. Makinson, Thomas A. Heinz & Brad Pitt

Hints on Household Taste: The Classic Handbook of Victorian Interior Decoration, Charles Eastlake

Historic Preservation, Norman Tyler

Home from Nowhere: Remaking our World for the 21st Century, James Howard Kunstler

House Histories: A Guide to Tracing the Geneology of Your Home, Sally Light

Inside the Bungalow: America's Arts & Crafts Interior, Paul Duchscherer

In the Arts & Crafts Style, Barbara Mayer

Irreplaceable Artifacts: Decorating the Home With Architectural Ornament, Evan Blum

Joseph Urban, John Loring

Kitchen Hoods for the Arts & Crafts Home, Joseph Mross

Living with Arts & Crafts, Ros Byam Shaw

Longfellow Planbook: Remodeling Plans for Bungalows and Other Small Urban Homes, Robert Gerloff and Kristi Johnson

The New Bungalow, Matthew Bialecki, Christian Gladu, et al

The New Craftsman Index, Marilyn Fish

The Not-So-Big House, Sarah Susanka

The Old House Book of Cottages & Bungalows, Compiled by Lawrence Grow

Old House Journal Guide to Restoration, Dutton

Old Houses, Steve Gross

Places of the Soul: Architecture and Illusion, Christopher Day

Poetry to the Earth: The Arts & Crafts Movement in Deerfield, Suzanne Flynt

The Prairie School, Allen H. Brooks

Progressive Design in the Midwest: The Purcell-Cutts House and the Prairie School Collection at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Jennifer Komar Olivarez

Redux: The Arts & Crafts Revival 1972-2012, Judith Budwig & Jeffrey Preston

Romance of the Mission, Elmo Baca

Rustic Traditions, Ralph Kylloe

Simplicity or Splendour? Arts & Crafts Living: Objects from the Cheltenham Collections, Edited by Annette Carruthers & Mary Greensted

Small House Design, Storey Communications

Storybook Style: America's Whimsical Homes of the Twenties, Arrol Gellner & Douglas Keister

Toward a Simpler Way of Life: The Arts & Crafts Architects of California, Robert Winter

Treasures of the American Arts & Crafts Movement, 1890-1920, Tod M. Volpe & Beth Cathers

Turn-of-the-Century House Designs, William Cornstock

Twentieth-Century Building Materials: History and Conservation

Twentieth-Century Ornament, James Massey

Updating Classic America: Bungalows, Louis Wasserman & Caren Connolly

Watts Chapel: A Guide to the Symbols of Mary Watts’s Arts and Crafts Masterpiece, Mark Bill

Your Future Home: Architect-Designed Houses of the Early 1920s, American Institute of Architects


A Room of Their Own: The Bloomsbury Artists in American Collections, Gerzina, Green, Harvey, Hussey & Reed

Arts & Crafts: A Review of the Work executed by Students in the leading Art Schools of Great Britian & Ireland, Edited by Charles Holme

Arts & Crafts Design, William Harrison Varnum

Arts & Crafts Design in American: A State-by-State Guide, James Massey & Shirley Maxwell

Arts & Crafts: Designs for the Home, Douglas Congdon-Martin

Arts & Crafts Stencilling,
W.G. Sutherland

Art With a Mission: Objects of the Arts & Crafts Movement
, Patricia J. Fidler

The Beautiful Necessity: Decorating with Arts & Crafts, Bruce Smith & Yoshiko Yamamoto

The Bookplates and Badges of C.F.A. Voysey, Karen Livingstone

Gustave Baumann: Nearer to Art, Acton, Krause & Yurseven

Norma Bassett Hall: Catalog Raisonne of the Block Prints and Serigraphs, Joby Patterson

The Influence of Japanese Art on Design, Hannah Sigur


Adelaide Alsop Robineau: Glory in Porcelain, Edited by Peg Weiss

Alternative American Ceramics, 1870-1955: The Other American Art Pottery, Ken Forster

American Art Pottery: The Collector's Guide to Makers, Marks, and Factory Histories, Ralph & Terry Kovel

Art Glass Nouveau, Ray & Lee Grover

Art Pottery of America, Lucile Henzke

Art Pottery of the United States, Paul Evans

Artistic Luxury: Faberge Tiffany, Lalique, Stephen Harrison

Arts & Crafts Pottery and Ceramics, Joanna Wissinger

Biographies in American Ceramic Art, 1870-1970, Ken Forster

The Book of Buffalo Pottery, Seymour & Violet Altman

The Collector's Encyclopedia of Weller Pottery, Sharon & Bob Huxford

Fired by Ideals: Arequipa Pottery and the Arts & Crafts Movement, Suzanne Baizerman, Lynn Downey & John Toki

The House of Haeger, 1914-1944: The Revitalization of American Art Pottery
, Joe & Joyce Paradis

Introducing Roseville Pottery, Mark Bassett

Motawi Tileworks: Contemporary Handcrafted Tiles in the Arts & Crafts Tradition, Anne Stewart O'Donnell

Old Florida Pottery: Potters in Paradise,The Collector's Guide to History, Makers & Marks
, Alfred R. Frankel

Pottery & Ceramics, Joanna Wissinger

Pottery, Politics, Art, George Ohr

Rookwood Pottery at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: The Gerald & Virginia Gordon Collection, Nancy E. Owen

Rookwood Pottery: Over 10 Years of Auction Results, 1990-2002, Treadway Gallery

Teco: Art Pottery of the Prairie School, Sharon S. Darling

Tiffany Favrile Pottery and the Quest of Beauty, Martin Eidelberg

Tiffany Glass: A Passion for Color
, Rosalind M. Pepall

Tiffany Studios' Techniques: Inspiration for Today's Artists, Edith Crouch

Toby & Character Jugs of the 20th Century and Their Makers
, David C. Fastenau and Stephen M. Mullins

Weller Pottery: The Rare, The Unusual, The Seldom Seen, Linda Carrigan & Allan Wunsch

William De Morgan: Arts and Crafts Potter, Rob Higgins and Christopher Stolbert Robinson


About Wright: An Album of Recollections by Those Who Knew Frank Lloyd Wright, Edgar Tafel

A Testament, Frank Lloyd Wright

The Early Work of Frank Lloyd Wright: The "Ausgefuhrte Bauten" of 1911, Dover Press

The Essential Frank Lloyd Wright: Critical Writings on Architecture
, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

Frank Lloyd Wright, Spencer Hart

Frank Lloyd Wright and the Prairie School, H. Allen Brooks

Frank Lloyd Wright: Architecture and Nature, David Hoffman

Frank Lloyd Wright: Art Glass of the Martin House Complex, Eric Jackson-Forsberg

Frank Lloyd Wright: Complete Works Volume 2, 1917-1942, Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

Frank Lloyd Wright: Interior Style & Design, Doreen Ehrlich

Frank Lloyd Wright: Letters to Apprentices, Selected by Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer

Frank Lloyd Wright: Preserving an Architectural Heritage, David A. Hanks

Frank Lloyd Wright: The Rooms, Interiors and Decorative Arts, Margo Stipe

Frank Lloyd Wright's Larkin Building: Myth and Fact, Jack Quinan

Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House: The Illustrated Story of an Architectural Masterpiece, Donald Hoffman

Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin and Taliesin West, Kathryn Smith

Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple: A Good Time Place, Patrick R. Cannon

The Gardens of Frank Lloyd Wright, Derek Fell

Loving Frank (A Novel), Nancy Horan

The Noble Room: The Inspired Conception and Tumultuous Creation of Frank Lloyd Wright's Unity Temple,
David M. Sokol

Visions of Wright: Photographs, Farrell Grehan, Bulfinch Press

Wright Sites: A Guide to Frank Lloyd Wright Public Places, Princeton Architectural Press

Years with Frank Lloyd Wright: Apprentice to Genius, Edgar Tafel


A Man as Big as the West: Ralph Hubbard, Nellie Yost Synder

Arts & Crafts Furniture: From Classic to Contemporary, Kevin P. Rodel & Jonathan Binzen

Arts and Crafts Furniture: The Complete Brooks Catalog of 1912, Dover Press

As Bees in Honey Drown, Charles F. Hamilton

Authentic Arts & Crafts Furniture Projects, Christopher Schwarz, Jim Stack, et al

Building Arts & Crafts Furniture, Paul Kemner & Peggy Zdila

Charles Rennie Mackintosh: The Complete Furniture, Furniture Drawings and Interior Designs, Roger Billcliffe

The Custom Furniture Sourcebook, Kerry Pierce

Furniture Designed by Architects, Marian Page

Furniture of the American Arts & Crafts Movement: Stickley & Roycroft Mission Oak, David M. Cathers

Greene & Greene: Architecture as a Fine Art, Furniture and Related Designs, Randell L. Makinson

Greene & Greene Furniture: Poems of Wood & Light, David Mathias

Grove Park Inn Arts & Crafts Furniture, Bruce E. Johnson

Mackintosh Furniture, Roger Billcliffe

Making Rustic Furniture, Daniel Mack

Mission Furniture: How to Make It, Popular Mechanics Company/Dover


A Complex Fate: Gustav Stickley and the Craftsman Movement, Barry Sanders

Collected Works of Gustav Stickley, Edited by Stephen Gray & Robert Edwards

Craftsman Homes, Gustav Stickley

The Furniture of Gustav Stickley: History, Techniques, Projects, Joseph J. Bavaro & Thomas L. Mossman

Gustav Stickley, David Cathers

Gustav Stickley: 1884-1900, Marilyn Fish

Gustav Stickley and the American Arts & Crafts Movement, Kevin W. Tucker

Gustav Stickley: Heritage and Early Years, Marilyn Fish

Gustav Stickley: His Craft, Patricia Bartinique

Gustav Stickley: The Craftsman, Mary Ann Smith

Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Farms: A Pictorial History, David Cathers

Gustav Stickley’s Craftsman Farms: The Quest for an Arts & Crafts Utopia, Mark Alan Hewitt

The Gustav Stickley Photo Archives, Douglas Congdon-Martin

More Craftsman Homes, Gustav Stickley

The Stickley Brothers, Michael Clark & Jill Thomas-Clark

Stickley Craftsman Furniture Catalogs, Dover Press

Stickley’s Craftsman Homes: Plans, Drawings, Photographs, Ray Stubblebine

Stickley Style: Arts & Crafts Homes in the Craftsman Tradition, David Cathers & Alexander Vertikoff

The Forgotten Rebel: Gustav Stickley and His Craftsman Mission Furniture, John Crosby Freeman


Arts & Crafts Gardens, Wendy Hitchmough

Arts & Crafts Master: The Houses and Gardens of M.H Baillie Scott, Ian Macdonald-Smith

Gardens of the Arts and Crafts Movement, Judith Tankard

Outside the Bungalow: America's Arts & Crafts Garden, Paul Duchscherer & Doughlas Keister

Rustic Garden Architecture, Ralph Kylloe


How to Make Mission Style Lamps & Shades, John Duncan Adams


Arthur J. Stone: Designer & Silversmith, 1847-1938, Elenita C. Chickering

Art Nouveau Decorative Ironwork, Theodore Menten

Arts & Crafts Metalwork & Silver, Joanna Wissinger

Chicago Metalsmiths, Sharon S. Darling

Elbert Hubbard’s Roycrofters as Artist-Craftsman, Robert G. Koch

Grand Rapids Art Metalwork, 1902-1918, Heartwood Publishers

The History and Renaisance of the Roycroft, Charles Hamilton, Robert Rust & Kitty Turgeon

More Roycroft Art Metal, Kevin McConnell

Newlyn Copper - Arts & Crafts Copper Work in Newlyn, Daryl Bennett & Colin Pill

Roycroft Art Metal
, Kevin McConnell

The Roycroft Campus, Robert Rust & Kitty Turgeon

Roycroft Furniture & Collectibles: Identification and Value Guide, Larry Koon


Arts & Crafts Shopmarks: 1895-1940, Bruce E. Johnson

Collector's Style Guide: Arts & Crafts
, Malcolm Haslam

The Price Guide to the Arts and Crafts Movement 1988, 1992, 1998, 2003, Johnson, Rago, Rust, Turgeon, et. al.

Price Guide to Rookwood Pottery Wall Plaques, Larry Koon


American Arts and Crafts Textiles, Dianne Ayres, Timothy L. Hansen, Tommy Arthur McPherson II, and Beth Ann McPherson

Artistic Leather of the Arts & Crafts Era, Daniel Lees

Arts & Crafts Rugs for Craftsman Interiors: The Crab Tree Farm Collection, Linda Parry, David Cathers, et al

Arts & Crafts Textiles, Ann Wallace and Phil Bard

Fabrics for Historic Buildings: A Guide to Selecting Reproduction Fabrics, Jane Nylander

Textiles of the Arts & Crafts Movement, Linda Parry


Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation

Brooklyn Museum of Art

Cincinnati Art Museum

Cowan Pottery Museum

Delaware Art Museum

Elbert Hubbard - Roycroft Museum

Grand Rapids Public Museum

Kirkland Museum of Fine and Decorative Art

Los Angeles County Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art

National Museum of American History

The Stickley Museum at Craftsman Farms

The Roycroft Campus

Museum of Fine Arts Boston

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