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Published By

Bruce Johnson

Author, Columnist and Director of the
National Arts & Crafts Conference
at The Grove Park Inn since 1988

Traveler's Guide for Arts & Crafts Furniture Collectors

Like many of you, I travel a great deal throughout the year – and more than once I have returned home only to discover that I had missed an opportunity to experience a great Arts & Crafts landmark. Whether it be a museum with an Arts & Crafts collection, a nearby Prairie School home, a bungalow neighborhood, an Arts & Crafts gallery or a Frederick Law Olmstead park, just being able to add an Arts & Crafts side trip to our journey would add to our enjoyment and our education.

Here at Traveler’s Guide we have begun compiling a list of places of interest to Arts & Crafts collectors. I suspect that you know of one near you that we have missed, so, please, send me a name, an address or a website and we’ll include it below.

And, then, before you leave on your next trip, check here to see what Arts & Crafts sites may lie just around the corner. Please keep in mind, however, that many of the sites listed here are private residences. Please respect their privacy and the time, work and money the owners and their families have invested in their property to both restore and maintain it.

Many thanks,
Bruce Johnson

Additional Resources – John Panning has compiled an in-depth, state-by-state listing of Prairie School inspired buildings. This is an excellent resource for those of you with a special interest in Frank Lloyd Wright and other architects who developed the Prairie School style. – Author Ray Stubblebine has created a website devoted to his search for homes built from plans provided by Gustav Stickley’s team of architects. A great resource for those of you with a special interest in Gustav Stickley’s contribution to Arts & Crafts architecture.

Arts & Crafts Design in America by James Massey and Shirley Maxwell (Chronicle Books, 1998) – Although copies of this handy book are hard to find, it is a fine companion for any Arts & Crafts traveler. The author’s descriptions are far more detailed than those found here. This book served as a valuable reference tool for our staff as we compiled this current list.

State Listing

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